You don’t need to get rid of stress to overcome panic

So the good news is – you don’t need to get rid of ALL your anxiety or stress to overcome panic

People think that they have to eliminate all ‘stress’, rest, relax or get help ‘emotionally’ to stop panic attacks.

All you need do is adjust your understanding.

  • ‘Anxiety’ and ‘stress’ don’t directly cause ‘panic’.
  • Panic arises when we MISINTERPRET and CATASTROPHISE symptoms that may have arisen from anxiety or stress.
  • This leads to frightening but harmless cycles of fear.

So to OVERCOME Panic we need to

  • Understand that what is happening is not dangerous.
  • REDUCE the belief in the MISINTERPRETATIONS.
  • Learn how to break the frightening but harmless cycles of fear by putting the above understanding into PRACTICE.


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