You are NOT the thoughts you are EXPERIENCING the thoughts

Notice that AS troublesome thoughts arise a part of you is saying – “I don’t LIKE these thoughts”. There is a sense of ‘you’ AND the ‘thoughts’. This part of you that can observe and dislike the thoughts is ‘who you are’ regardless of the thoughts.

If you focus entirely on the thoughts you tend to think ‘you’ ARE the thoughts. If you focus more and more on the sense of yourself that can observe the ‘thinking process’ enough to DISLIKE it then you will soon realise that you are NOT the thoughts – you are simply EXPERIENCING them.

Logically if you can say to yourself that a particular thought disturbs you, there MUST (at the same time AS the thought) be a part of you that is CALM and ‘rational’ in comparison.

If the frightening thoughts were the FULL truth about you would you be able to say .. “I don’t like these thoughts”. No – if a person can EXAMINE frightening thoughts enough to decide they are disturbing, then that person must be something OTHER than those thoughts or else the person couldn’t examine them.

Practice being the OBSERVER of the thoughts. They are just thoughts YOU – the observer – are ok The thoughts only cause a problem if you attach IMPORTANCE to them.

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