Why Interoceptive Exposure practice SO important!

Overcome Fear of PHYSICAL sensations

‘Interoceptive’ Exposure Practice 
Before you begin..

Why these experiments are so important

  • Rather than ‘waiting’ for panic to happen before you can practice your skills you get to TAKE CONTROL of when and how often you practice.
  • You get to practice your skills in a safe, controlled environment.
  • You obtain PROOF that the feared consequences DON’T happen
  • The more you experience a sensation the more you ‘get used to it’
  • You ‘NORMALISE’ the sensations because you see that they can happen for normal, harmless reasons
  • You feel more CONFIDENCE in facing these sensations
  • You feel less ‘anticipatory anxiety’

Follow the guidelines carefully and if you have any medical conditions check with your doctor before attempting any of the exercises. The exercises are NOT recommended for pregnant women.

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