When you have panic

Ok.. let go all over – let stomach relax – feel feet on floor – smile

These are JUST sensations – nothing more – nothing else is happening

Just exaggerated sensations of anxiety that feel very frightening

Millions of people are going through this right now – it is very common and not one person is in any actual danger at all – It’s just movement in your body It doesn’t matter in the slightest what triggered this – its a waste of time analysing – that just makes you worry which makes your body think you are in danger which causes more adrenaline

It’s OK to panic – it cant do you any harm – panic MORE if you want to

The worst feeling is the sense of DREAD – that is because the fight or flight response is making your mind very concentrated on any potential threat – so you feel like something bad could happen at any minute

Look around – you are in no danger

these are JUST sensations – they feel TERRIBLE but that’s all

they cant harm you – in fact they are there to try to HELP you

Your body is actually being so nice to you trying it’s best to help

If you have had attacks before remember that nothing ever happened except you felt terrified

Each time is just feels like something is seriously wrong then it passes and nothing happens

This is the same – nothing is actually wrong except you FEEL scared

its JUST sensations

Let panic happen – nothing is happening TO you –

remember its mistakenly coming FROM you

the sensations are JUST sensations – the panic is something we add on top – you could just go about your day with that tight band across your head – or the churning stomach – or the tingling fingers or that ‘sense’ of dread – you could walk about and let that just continue on and you would be in no danger whatsoever – it would just FEEL horrible

stop worrying about WHY you feel panic – it can happen out of the blue – it can even happen in your sleep – and you are hardly doing anything wrong in your sleep

it’s not your fault that you have become caught up in panic

it just HAPPENED – just accept that – let go towards that – its ok

nothing is ACTUALLY wrong

It’s no more dangerous than having a headache or indigestion

but we just don’t add panic if we have a headache or indigestion

it’s the sense of dread that is making you add more worry and fear

Let it ALL happen – panic will NEVER cause you any harm and if you feel ok and then it surges up again – that’s fine

you STILL aren’t in any danger – it’s STILL the same problem

its just you adding fear to the fear and stirring it up

Tell your body everything’s ok – because everything IS ok

send out signals that u don’t require any assistance

tell the adrenaline to stand down – come off high alert


let go – relax your stomach – feel feet on floor – go limp

imagine you are pinnochio with his strings cut – let go TOWARDS it all

panic as much as u want – it can’t do u ANY harm

smile – take in your surroundings – listen to sounds – let the sensations do their thing – stop trying to work it all out in your head – let go of that

don’t TRY to relax – you don’t HAVE to relax – you aren’t in any danger

ANYONE with panic feels terrified

that’s the worst feeling – but that’s just our minds on high alert

then we add that to horrible feelings

and we think something really bad is happening

but its not – you are in no danger at all – it just FEELS like it

You never came to any actual harm before – nothing CAN ever happen –

its JUST sensations – they are unpleasant and frightening but that’s ALL.

There is a lot of movement taking place – adrenaline rushing about – it FEELS horrible – ESPECIALLY because there doesn’t seem to be any REASON but it is actually just harmless activity in your body

STOP asking WHY you are like this – it’s just unpleasant sensations that’s all – it can happen to anyone – it can be a build up of stress that overflows – it can even happen for no apparent reason whatsoever – it DOESN’T MATTER – it’s STILL just adrenaline and unpleasant sensations

ANALYSING just stirs it up – so why bother – its irrelevant

This will pass – remember – adrenaline can’t last forever – it will die down – so give it time – let it happen for now – let yourself panic – it’s OK – it doesn’t FEEL ok but you aren’t in any danger

let go of your stomach – let yourself breathe properly

let go all over – go limp – smile

feel your feet on the floor

take in your surroundings

listen to sounds

let go – feel a PART of the room – everything is ok

its JUST sensations – You are in NO danger – it just FEELS horrible


when panic dies down you may still feel unsettled for a while until your system returns to normal

Like a pond settling after being all stirred up it takes TIME to settle

This is normal – let it take as long as it takes