When you can’t sleep

Right now there is no danger

look around you – the room is just neutral

let go stomach – watch the stomach rise and fall with each breath

let go your shoulders – feet on floor

how you are feeling is very normal

Lots of people feel this way

it doesn’t mean you are going crazy

Life experiences sometimes boil over and we feel overwhelmed

but right now everything is ok

The feelings are normal symptoms of anxiety

they could go on all day and still you would be in no danger in the slightest

let your shoulders drop


let go stomach – watch it rise and fall

Right now the past is past – now is the only time to be

Ok – so you haven’t been able to sleep

That is just what has happened

that’s ok

you are still here

you couldn’t sleep and that’s that

you’re ALLOWED to have not been able to sleep

there’s no rule book that says you SHOULD have had a PERFECT sleep

sometimes this happens – that people don’t sleep well – that’s OK – that just happens sometimes

You don’t HAVE to have a perfect sleep

how can you know that? – because here it is

you didn’t have the perfect sleep

if you rest as best you can then that will do

the only problem you will have is if you THINK it’s a problem

it just is as it is right now

it may be different tomorrow – you may get lots of sleep – you may not

whatever it is it will be as it is – that’s ok – its allowed to be that way

you can just sit there and let go into that – allow it to be as it is

stop resisting the fact that it is as it is just for now

and that it can change again

we all have times when we feel anxious, tired, irritable, upset, confused

that is part of everyones life – it’s OK

Relax stomach

Look around

Half smile

feel the neutrality of the room

right now – right here – in this second

if you don’t project into past or future – all is ok

you exist – that’s ok – that’s enough to know just now

let the past dissolve – think about the future when it happens

Right now let go – be with the experience of just breathing

allow the confusion to be in your head

allow the fear – the scary sensations

they are JUST sensations

you are in no danger from them

anxiety sensations or feelings cannot do you any actual harm

it just FEELS like they can – but actually they will just rise then fall

the will build up and feel SO frightening – then they will fade and pass

If you feel like this for a while to come then that’s just how it will be

you will still be in no danger

you can still just go over it like this

it will again pass

it will again change – it is not permanent

so many people are feeling just like this right now

its just what happens to us sometimes

its a part of life

these feelings don’t mean we are crazy or out of control

it doesn’t mean our life is ‘wrong’ in some way

its just experience – that’s all – its allowed to be like this – that’s ok

It is our resistance that makes us more anxious

we think – it shouldn’t be like this

but that’s like saying yesterday shouldn’t have been yesterday

it was as it was and that is that

now is now

right now you are here

breath – look around – let go stomach

let the panic HAPPEN – don’t try to change it – you don’t NEED to

it’s JUST unpleasant sensations – unpleasant thoughts

it can’t cause you any harm – it just FEELS scary

so let it be scary – that’s ok – scary is just scary

Let it happen in the background

focus outward

come back into the room

Let go

no need to relax

no need to stop the feelings

no need to change everything

just let everything be exactly as it is just now and in each moment to come

no big deal