When will these thoughts go away!?

Although it is understandable to want to be free of obsessional thoughts as soon as possible – if you become too impatient with your progress you increase your anticipatory anxiety which will maintain the problem.

You WILL get better

No matter what you may feel now, you WILL be able to recover fully and you WILL eventually be able to ‘pick these thoughts up’ or ‘set them down’ as you please – no problem.

The entire healing process takes TIME – even after you are starting to understand the recovery process you may feel that your practice is getting you nowhere. The sensations and thoughts may take a while to die down. Like a broken leg takes time to heal.

You have now found the answer to your problem but it will take TIME to work on you. The problem has got to this stage because you had no idea how to fix it. Now you do. You need to study a lot and practice with this new information for short periods to begin with.

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