When Fight or Flight happens for no clear reason we panic

If ‘fight or flight’ responses suddenly happen ‘out of the blue’ and for no CLEAR reason we ‘panic’

We evolved fight or flight to help us deal with life threatening danger.

However, our bodies can find it hard to distinguish between the stress of real danger and everyday stress such as work deadlines, rush hour traffic, bills, illness, relationship problems and so on.

So sometimes these fight or flight responses can be activated for no obvious reason – ‘out of the blue’ and can be extremely  exaggerated and alarming. It can EVEN happen while we are asleep!

If we were being chased by a Tiger we would understand why we feel so anxious but when there is NO CLEAR OR APPARENT REASON we MISTAKENLY conclude that we must be ill, going mad or about to die..

This is why we PANIC..



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