What is the ‘goal’ of Sitting Mindfulness

Nearly everyone thinks the goal of Mindfulness is to be very calm and peaceful but that is ‘relaxation’ not mindfulness.

Sitting in Mindfulness is a practice that helps you deal with life beyond the practice.

If you have a stressful day – if you are stuck in a huge traffic jam – if you are arguing with your boss or partner and so on, it helps to have an effective way to reduce your conditioned, automatic unhelpful responses to these situations

Sitting Mindfully builds your tolerance, acceptance and compassion muscles.

When you sit it’s NOT about being CALM

It’s about getting better at stepping back, accepting and letting go of old automated, reactive, conditioned reactions to life.

So when the mind wanders you GENTLY bring it back..

When it wanders again – you GENTLY bring it back again

You don’t judge yourself if your mind wanders –

You just observe

You aren’t trying to have a blank mind

The whole point is to simply practice being aware of whatever arises without HAVING to react in automatic condition ways.

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