Ultimate Acceptance # 1. IGNORE the panic – get on with your day

Acceptance Behaviour Strategies
Distract yourself if you feel you need to but FACE the feelings at the same time.

If you need to – distract yourself – that’s OK – this is NOT an endurance test.

But AS you distract yourself don’t block out the feelings. Let them exist – they are just fight or flight symptoms – You are in no actual danger.

Ultimate Acceptance # 1. IGNORE the panic – get on with your day – you can do it..

Facing and accepting the symptoms doesn’t mean you have to sit motionless with gritted teeth until you feel no more panic.

To truly face and ‘accept’ the feelings would mean to almost IGNORE them – and get on with your day. After all, you are not in any actual danger.

When panic arises practice for a while but then carry on with life – either at work or at home – watch TV – clean the house – call a friend – do some gardening – but AS you do these things PRACTICE letting the panic happen – in the background – with the attitude of – “go ahead – do your worst – it’s only adrenaline”


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