Tens of thousands of people worldwide go to their doctors every day with symptoms of panic disorder CONVINCED they have some serious illness.

They then go online and they read about chemical imbalances and thyroids and glands and radiation and emotional problems and on and on – the ‘panic forums’ are FULL of this.

Which just gets them more worked up than ever..


For two weeks, set aside ALL other ideas about what you think MIGHT be wrong with you and STUDY and PRACTICE the knowledge and techniques in these workbooks.

CBT is THE most effective treatment for panic in the WORLD.

and CBT keeps it SIMPLE ..

Panic is EASY to treat – even with people who are CONVINCED they are ‘seriously’ ill.

At the base of panic is a ‘mistake’ – understand that and you are half way home.

Put that understanding into PRACTICE and you will get ALL the way home!

That’s where YOU come in – you must be willing to TRUST what you are about to read – trust it enough to go out and TRY it.


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