Try it now – a ONE MINUTE exercise in Mindfulness

Read these words very very slowly

Become aware of the act of ‘reading’

there is you the observer and the page or screen with words

and your mind making sense of it all

Become aware of your body now AS you read the words

and that you are sitting in an environment

as you read these words open yourself to the entire present moment

breath gently – become aware of your stomach rise and fall

feel the weight of your body on the chair

Listen to sounds in the background – even the silence

Feel the ‘space’ in the room

Become aware of light and shade, colours, textures

Feel it all happening NOW

Even if you are thinking about past or future realise that that thinking

is happening NOW

After you read this exercise stay in the moment for a while

Wait, just be with whatever is happening right now

Don’t judge any of it – just experience it – be open to it..

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