Troubleshooting if progress is slow

CBT is an ACTIVE RECOVERY THERAPY. It is NOT just about learning how to ‘cope’. If you educate yourself about panic, learn the coping skills and follow the EXPOSURE PRACTICE you WILL recover.

If you feel you aren’t making progress ask yourself the following questions

  • Do you fully understand about panic?
  • Could you explain it all to someone without this book?
  • Do you know your recovery skills off by heart – could you recite them?
  • Do you ‘practice’ every time anxiety arises or do you worry and CATASTROPHISE?
  • Do you use the PANIC ATTACK DIARY when you feel panic?
  • Recite 5 reactions / 10 normalising statements
  • Have you worked out an EXPOSURE fear hierarchy?
  • Are you working through it – on a REGULAR basis?
  • When you do exposure practice do you hope you WON’T panic?
  • Do you face and practice with some ANXIETY on a regular basis?
  • If you DO face some anxiety do you wait it out or escape?
  • Is there still 1% of you just won’t let the panic happen?
  • Do you still find yourself using your recovery skills to AVOID panic?.
  • Are you hoping you won’t panic again?
  • During an attack do you still analyse and question WHY you panic?

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