This problem is VERY common

You think at times your problem is more than just ‘anxiety’ but is it just a coincidence that there are many self-help books on anxiety that talk about people with very similar obsessional thought patterns.

Obsessional thinking is VERY common. It is not unusual AT ALL. When the thoughts flash into your mind ‘out of the blue’ remember that this also is VERY common. Our fear that the thoughts will return actually keeps them on ‘hold’ in the back of our minds and they may come and go as thoughts do, with no particular pattern.

Some people believe that they will never recover, that they will have this forever, that no one could possibly be as bad as they are – that they are beyond help.

Everyone with this problem thinks that THEIR thoughts are the worst. Everyone thinks their own thought is the worst because THEY are thinking it and feeling the fear that goes with it.

But remember, the THOUGHT is just a DECOY. The REAL problem is that ALL people with this problem are caught in a process where they simply have trouble getting the thought out of their heads. It is the same process in EVERY case no matter what the thoughts are that are ‘stuck’ in their heads.

YOU WON’T HAVE THESE THOUGHTS FOREVER – Everyone thinks that – it’s just another VERY common symptom. You WILL reach the stage where you will have no fear of the thoughts AT ALL.

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