The thoughts are not ‘who you are’

The thoughts are not ‘who you are’

The thoughts are not ‘who you are’ – you actually have a problem getting the thoughts OUT of your head.

The fact that the thoughts pop into your head at random – ‘uninvited’ – scares you the most doesn’t it ?

You don’t LIKE the thoughts do you? – You don’t LIKE that you can’t get the darn thoughts out of your head do you ? – If you could get rid of them right now forever you WOULD wouldn’t you ?

This is PROOF that the thoughts are not ‘who you are’.

‘Tired thoughts in a tired mind’

Your thoughts get exaggerated BECAUSE you are feeling anxious.

Claire Weekes in her book “Self Help For Your Nerves” describes these thoughts as “Tired thoughts in a tired mind” – this is a wonderfully simple description

EVERYONE who is in a state of anxiety encounters this problem to some degree.

The nature of the thought does not alter the fact that it is only persisting BECAUSE of your sensitised state. People who suffer from extreme anxiety are prone to obsessional thinking until someone explains what is going on.

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