The Thought Control PARADOX

Take the ‘Red Rose Test’

Studies have shown that the more a person tries to control a thought the more difficulty they have WITH it

The following test will show you how the paradox works – and how you can USE IT IN REVERSE!

FIRST – For a few minutes try really hard NOT to think about a red rose.

You will find it difficult because in order NOT to think about it you have to bring it to your mind – that’s the ‘paradox’..

SECOND – For a few minutes try to think of nothing BUT the red rose.

You will find that equally as difficult because your mind will soon wander to something else – our minds become distracted very easily when we want to hold onto something.

You can use this trick when you are experiencing obsessional thoughts..

The more you try NOT to think so many thoughts the more you think them but if you ALLOW yourself to think as many thoughts as you wish and even willingly OBSERVE them coming and going they tend to fade into the background.

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