The power of ‘power naps’

As I said, working with panic can be quite tiring at times. So if you feel tired or drained (mentally or physically) at times that is normal and perfectly understandable.

Many people experience drowsiness during the day and research has shown that a short ‘power nap’ from between 15 to 40 minutes can be most refreshing.

The reason you only keep the nap between 15 and 40 minutes is that if you sleep longer you go into the deeper stages of sleep from which it is more difficult to awaken. This is why we can feel so disorientated if we get up from a longer sleep during the day.

If you can – get into bed (not in your clothes) and set your alarm to wake you up. If you are at work just try to find a comfortable chair somewhere quiet, close your eyes and rest as best you can. Don’t let the boss catch you!

NOTE: If you find yourself getting into bed to AVOID feelings of panic remember that is a ‘Safety Behaviour’ and is counter-productive.

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