Some interesting facts about Meditation

The University of Cambridge found out that Insight Meditation halved the relapse ratio of chronically depressed patients

In the Dutch town of Lelystad there is an elementary school where the children Meditate twice a day for 10 minutes. The results are fantastic. The children get quieter and more stable, they achieve better in the national tests. (De Telegraaf, a Dutch daily)

Deepak Chopra estimates that people who Meditate for many years often have a biological age that is between 5 and 10 years lower than their chronological age.

Hormones with a calming effect like melatonin and serotin increase as a result of Meditating, whereas the stress hormone cortisol decreases.

Meditating has an immense positive effect on the three great indicators of ageing: our sense of hearing, our blood pressure and our eyesight.

Just before winning Wimbledon the famous tennis player Richard Krajicek read the Zen book “Nothing special” by Joko Beck four times. In this way he learned to let go of an error very soon and concentrate right away on the next ball.

In the U.S.A. 10 million people Meditate every day (Time Magazine)

Research has demonstrated that well trained meditators could not even be pulled out of their concentration by gunshots.

The University of Wisconsin discovered that employees that Meditated have a higher frustration tolerance, more joy in their work, a more cheerful and more optimistic attitude and higher energy levels. It is also clear that conflicts and unpleasant relationships among employees decrease when they start to Meditate.

In more and more airports you find special Meditation and contemplation centres.

People that Meditate recover more quickly from diseases and will not often experience situations as stressful. (Time Magazine)

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