Sitting Mindfully With Emotions #3 – Stay aware in the present moment

3. Open up to the full present moment

If the intensity of the feelings diminish as a result of this practice open your awareness to the full present moment.

Sit Mindfully in this way for as long as you can. If your mind drifts into past or future GENTLY return to the present moment in whatever way you can.

You need only sit for a few minutes at a time but repeat the process whenever needed.

By doing this you are FACING the emotions in a controlled and gradual way.

This practice lets you see you that you have a greater capacity to cope with emotions than you might have imagined – as long as you translate them into ACTUAL present moment physical feelings.

BE CAREFUL – Don’t make the mistake of thinking that ‘sitting with the emotions’ means you are to sit and focus on the endless past and future THOUGHTS about the emotions – that results in increased anxiety.

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