Sitting Mindfully With Emotions #2 – feel the emotion as a bodily sensation

2. Feel where the emotion (the anger, grief, sadness etc) is in the body.

Feel it as a purely PHYSICAL sensation. Try to withhold any judgements that involve the past or future such as “this SHOULDN’T have happened” or “I WON’T be able to cope”.

Just bring it right back to this exact moment you are in. What does it feel like physically here and now. Treat it as if it is a scientific investigation.

  • Where in your body are the feelings located?
  • Stomach / shoulders / head / back / chest?
  • Do they have a center point?
  • How far do they extend?
  • Are they dull / sharp / hot / cold / large / small?
  • Do they have a colour / a shape?
  • Do the feelings move about, are they like a cloud hovering around?
  • If you feel nothing at all is it because you feel ok or do you feel ‘numb’

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