See the thoughts as JUST thoughts..

Learn to OBSERVE rather than ‘react’ to the panic
2. See the thoughts as JUST thoughts..

We tend to identify COMPLETELY with our thoughts – we imagine that whatever we think must be how life actually IS – but it is possible to ‘step back’ and OBSERVE thoughts as they arise.

This then gives you a sense of being separate FROM your thoughts. When you see thoughts as JUST thoughts you then feel more able to choose how you want to REACT to them.


THOUGHTS ARISE – “Oh no, I feel so dizzy, what is wrong with me, what if I pass out, why is this happening to me, I am never going to get better”

MINDFULNESS – (first you may need to ‘think’ about being ‘mindful’)

“ok, hold on – step back – observe – these are THOUGHTS – they are gathering a life of their own and I am getting caught up in them”

Then simply OBSERVE – try not to judge the thoughts as good or bad just see the thoughts coming and going as if they were clouds drifting by.

When you stop giving the thoughts more energy they die down.


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