Ride the waves of panic – float through them

Acceptance Behaviour Strategies
Panic can come in waves – RIDE the waves.. FLOAT through them.

Sometimes you may feel ‘waves’ of panic. This is perfectly normal and due to the surges of friendly adrenaline. Remember that you are never in any actual danger.

When a wave arises just ‘float’ WITH it – it will pass.

Stop ZOOMING in on the symptoms – Focus outward

During panic we focus so intently on the sensations we ‘lose touch’ with our immediate environment which can cause us to feel ‘unreal’.

Reconnect with your surroundings. Feel your feet on the floor – listen to sounds – look around the reality is you are in NO danger.

Let the anxiety continue in the background – you don’t NEED to focus on those sensations – they can’t do you any actual harm.


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