When you feel your anxiety rising or you are in the middle of a panic attack it is VERY difficult to ‘think straight’.

Normalising statements are short ‘bullet point’ reminders of everything you have learned about panic.

So, for instance, instead of having to go over everything about fight or flight and how adrenaline is released and how our misinterpretation leads to increased adrenaline and so on..

This can all be brought to mind instantly by the STATEMENT..

“It’s JUST Adrenaline..”

I have given some examples of normalising statements in the following pages but it is a good idea to make up your own. Try to target specific fears or use statements that you feel help the most.

Then either memorise them or write them out on a FLASHCARD. Once you use them a few times you will be able to recite them by heart.

Also, when you say the statements – either out loud or into yourself – try to say them calmly as if you were talking to your whole body and mind.

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