DURING panic

“These are just anxiety symptoms. – It’s just ADRENALINE”

These are normal feelings of anxiety in an exaggerated form. This can happen ‘out of the blue’ for no clear reason.

“I am in no danger at all”

I am NOT in any actual danger either physically or mentally

“My body is trying to HELP me – it’s just a mistake”

My body thinks I am in danger and is trying to help with the fight or flight response..

“Everything is ok.. (Let go – smile) there’s no danger”

“Stop stirring – why add more fear – let it settle”

I am causing more adrenaline by adding fear – let it be – let it happen

“Let go towards it – even just a bit”

“It takes TIME for it to settle down”

“This WILL PASS – adrenaline cannot be produced forever”

The body can never remain at an intense level of panic indefinitely – it MUST always die down. Adrenaline has a LIMIT.

“It’s just the Panic Cycle – nothing else – no big deal”

“Go ahead.. do your worst..”

Its just sensations – it just FEELS scary That’s all.

“It’s my OWN fear that keeps this going – nothing else”

There is nothing happening ‘to me’

“It’s normal to feel afraid – these sensations are very uncomfortable”

Of COURSE it is understandable – who WOULDN’T be afraid!

“Here it comes again – that’s ok – it comes in waves”

Float with the feelings – ride the waves

“I have felt this many times now and nothing happened except I felt terrified – it will be the same now – nothing dangerous is going to happen – it is just anxiety”

“This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to put my new understanding to the test – the more I do that the less I will fear panic and when I lose my fear of panic it will STOP happening”

“Even if I panic all day I am still in no danger – It is still just adrenaline – It will pass eventually.”

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