NORMALISING statements before or after panic


“It’s ok – if panic happens it is just anxiety – just adrenaline..”

“No matter how many times I feel this I am NEVER in any ACTUAL danger – it just feels horrible”

“If I panic it will be a chance to practice recovery..”

“I will use my new skills – I will get through it ok”

“I don’t have to be ‘careful’ with myself”

“I can just get on with whatever I need to do – if I panic I panic..”

“It’s just anxiety – just fight or flight sensations”

“These feelings can happen out of the blue – it’s very common”

“Just because I feel these sensations doesn’t mean I will always panic”

“No need to focus on every sensation – it’s anxiety – just adrenaline just let it be – no need to catastrophise – I am in no danger”

“The feelings always pass”

“Panic is a horrible experience but nothing serious has ever actually happened – it is just anxiety..”

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