Mindfulness in Everyday Life Exercise 4. Mindfulness in Daily Activities

Eating is a great time to practice Mindfulness.

Notice how ‘automated’ this activity has become – how you have barely finished one mouthful before you are shoving another one in. Does thinking, talking or watching TV take over at mealtimes? Enjoy eating for a change.

Be mindful of how you interact with other people. Do you really listen or are you just waiting to say your piece? Observe how much of your time is spent making judgments about others or how much time is spent worrying about how others see you.

Bring Mindfulness to tasks you normally see as menial or boring. Washing dishes, vacuuming, etc. Each moment in life is what we make of it

Driving is another wonderful opportunity to practice Mindfulness. Switch off the Radio for a change. Bring your attention to the experience of driving. Feel the car moving along the road.

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