Lessening your focus on the panic

1. Be mindful of your surroundings
Refocus your attention

When panic arises we tend to focus ALL our attention on the sensations and blank everything else out. This then EXAGGERATES the sensations!

Remember the ‘bigger picture’. Take in your surroundings – look around you – notice objects, people, colours, sounds, smells, – feel yourself IN your body – IN your surroundings. Normalise your breathing – let go – stop giving the sensations your undivided attention.

The panic is only a tiny part of a very stable ‘bigger picture’ 

Remind yourself that there is no actual danger in a room, a shop, a meeting or wherever. Use the outer stability to help stabilise your reactions. Don’t block out the sensations just see them as part of a ‘bigger picture’.

And remember – even the horrible sensations are not ‘really’ harmful.


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