Learning from Graduated Exposure

(Use an Exposure Worksheet)
BEFORE exposure practice
  • Identify ANXIOUS THOUGHTS / PREDICTIONS about the feared situation or sensation.
  • Create ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVES based on your new understanding.
  • Identify SAFETY BEHAVIOURS that you normally employ. (the practice will include dropping some of these safety behaviours)
  • Create relevant FLASHCARDS and worksheets to help you.
  • Troubleshoot any problems that could arise during the practice.
DURING exposure practice
  • OBSERVE old unhelpful thoughts / beliefs / fear cycles in action
  • APPLY your new understanding and skills.
  • OBSERVE how does the degree of belief in the old thoughts change as you apply your new alternative perspectives and behavioural skills.
  • Monitor changes in anxiety levels throughout the exposure practice.
AFTER exposure practice
  • Record your findings in your Worksheet.
  • Consider ideas for further exposure practice.
  • Repeat daily until you experience minimal anxiety levels.

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