Learning from Graduated Exposure

Use an Exposure Worksheet

BEFORE exposure practice

Identify ANXIOUS THOUGHTS / PREDICTIONS about the proposed exposure exercise.

Create ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVES based on your new understanding.

Identify THOUGHT CONTROL STRATEGIES that you normally employ. (the practice will include dropping some of these)

Create relevant FLASHCARDS and worksheets to help you.

Troubleshoot any problems that could arise during the practice.

DURING exposure practice

OBSERVE old unhelpful thoughts / beliefs / fear cycles in action

APPLY your new understanding and skills.

OBSERVE how does the degree of belief in the old thoughts change as

you apply your new alternative perspectives and behavioural skills.

Monitor changes in anxiety levels throughout the exposure practice.

AFTER exposure practice

Record your findings in your Worksheet.

Consider ideas for further exposure practice.


Repeat daily until you experience minimal anxiety levels.

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