Learn to OBSERVE rather than ‘react’ to the thoughts

1. Be mindful of your environment

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully aware of the entirety of your present moment experience – in a NON JUDGMENTAL way.

You may think that you are TOO aware of what is happening but in the midst of anxiety we tend to focus ONLY on the sensations or thoughts and blank everything else out. This then EXAGGERATES the thoughts!

If you learn to ‘widen’ your awareness ‘out’ to include objects, colours, smells, temperature and sounds in your environment you will lessen the intensity of the thoughts.

The thoughts are only a tiny part of a very stable ‘bigger picture’

Remind yourself that these thoughts are only a PART of your overall reality. Use the outer stability to help stabilise your reactions.

Don’t block out the thoughts just see them as part of a ‘bigger picture’.

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