It doesn’t feel like ‘just’ anxiety

Having suffered from panic disorder myself I know that the symptoms mentioned in most of the scientific journals don’t adequately describe the actual experience itself.

What someone who has never experienced a panic attack can’t possibly imagine is the ‘feeling’ that comes with a panic attack – the sense of utter dread – the horrible feeling of unreality, confusion and terror.

Because we can’t ‘match up’ the feeling with any external threat the fear becomes completely internalised.

Apart from the fear of the physical symptoms, we feel an additional sense of overwhelming dread that seems to go beyond even fear of death or collapse.

It feels as if we will be STUCK with this terror forever – like we have fallen off a cliff but will never hit the ground.

It is hard to believe that this really IS just anxiety playing ‘tricks’ on your mind but with understanding, coping skills and practice you WILL reach a point where this will hold no fear.

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