Imaginal Exposure – How it works

Imaginal Exposure
How it works
  • Create FEAR HIERARCHIES as outlined for Real Life Exposure
  • Sit somewhere where you won’t be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. Close your eyes and IMAGINE entering the first step on your fear hierarchy.
  • Try your best to imagine the scene as VIVIDLY as possible in order to create the same amount of anxiety that would be produced in real life. Imagine as many details as you can – people talking, colours, objects, smells, the environment and so on – until you feel yourself becoming very anxious.
  • Try to let yourself feel the anxiety rather than control it. Use your skills to help you stay with the anxiety.
  • STAY with the anxiety in the situation until your anxiety level drops by at least HALF.
  • Practice each exercise DAILY until you lose your fear of the anxiety produced.
  • As soon as you feel more confident practice exposure in Real Life.

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