Imaginal Exposure – EXAMPLE SCRIPT

“In the house getting ready to go out to go to the shop. – Feeling nervous and jittery – don’t want to go – walking around trying to block the feelings out – ok – catch it and just let the feelings BE – its ok – It’s just anxiety symptoms – I am in no danger – it’s just Adrenaline.

Let the feelings be as they are – I don’t need to stop them. Feel feet on floor – let go stomach – look around.

Walking to the shop. Again anxiety rises – SUDs level at 6. Let it happen – let go towards the feelings – no need to fight or block them – I am in no actual danger – it will pass.

Entering the shop. Anxiety at level 8 – but that is to be expected. Let it be as it is – it will drop if I wait. Feel like leaving the shop – very tempted to get away. Stick with it – give it time – wait – look around – feet on floor – let go stomach – wait… Anxiety surges again – that’s

Ok – it comes in waves – let it – Let it be as bad as it wants to be – I am in no actual danger – it is just fight or flight – wait – ok SUDs dropping slightly”

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