FOREWORD – I suffered from Panic Disorder myself

I had panic disorder many years ago

I know EXACTLY what you are feeling right now

It’s a very very scary place!

The following techniques cured me COMPLETELY. I know with certainty that I can NEVER have Panic Disorder again

Once you uncover how panic ‘works’ you simply can’t get caught up in it to the same degree ever again. I can still get anxious like everyone else – sometimes I even feel slight panic – but now I KNOW how to nip it in the bud and it’s all over within minutes.

These workbooks will take you to complete recovery too if you follow them carefully and DO THE PRACTICE.

Panic can seem like hell on earth – but it has changed me in ways I couldn’t have imagined – for the better might I add. Someday you will feel this too.

You WILL be FREE from panic but more than that, the experience and the recovery process will give you a strength and peace you never thought possible.

You may think some of the explanations and advice about panic presented here are too simple. How could something that feels so complicated be treated so simply?

Just bear with it – read the text carefully – even if you have come across some of these concepts before – read it again. The more you read it the more sense it will make

Even if you just read these workbooks book every day that will go a long way to alleviating your symptoms. Knowledge is a powerful thing.

Robin Hall (Cognitive Therapist and co-author)


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