I have had anxiety and panic attacks for so long now, can I really be cured?
ABSOLUTELY! Anxiety and panic attacks are actually very easy to treat. They are created and maintained by mistaken assumptions about the consequences of frightening (yet harmeless) physical and mental symptoms or anxiety. Once you learn how to CORRECT those mistaken assumptions using the techniques in CBT4Panic the anxiety can never reach the same level of intensity again and eventually it doesn’t arise at all. So whether you have had anxiety for 3 weeks, 3 years or even 30 years makes no difference.
What if I am different than other people and this can’t help me at all? I have tried many products and am still not better. I don’t want to risk being let down again?
Nearly everyone has this fear to begin with. Most people with severe anxiety try many ways to overcome their fear, through relaxation techniques, diets, alternative medicines and so on and if their anxiety doesn’t change they worry that maybe they can never be helped. The reason these other things don’t work is they don’t address the actual problem – the misinterpretation of harmless yet frightening symptoms of fight or flight CBT has a very high success rate in treating anxiety because it helps you see the complete picture – from what causes anxiety, what maintains anxiety and more importantly –  what you need to do to correct the problem and get your life back on track.
I can’t concentrate on anything. What if it’s all too much for me?
The format of CBT4Panic has been designed to be incredibly easy to read – we deliberately avoided too much heavy text and used friendly cartoons to illustrate the various concepts. You can also watch the ‘VIDEO-BOOKS’ where a therapist will take you through the books page by page.
Do I have to work on issues from my childhood?
CBT is a fast, effective, short term therapy. It is grounded in the HERE and NOW. The past is explored but not dwelled upon. The aim of CBT is to turn you into your OWN therapist and teach you skills you can apply to any difficulties that might arise at any time in the rest of your life.
How much time do I have to put into studying CBT4PANIC?
CBT can often cure people with anxiety and panic disorder in as little as 4 to 8 sessions. Studies show that online CBT can be just as effective as face to face therapy so if you follow the CBT4Panic treatment plan carefully and put in the practice you should see results within weeks
Will the program trigger more anxiety? Sometimes I just want to avoid trying to help myself because I get anxious just thinking about it?
We understand that people with anxiety can feel MORE anxious talking about anxiety so we have been very careful to avoid the use of ‘triggering’ language in the books. We focus on teaching you SKILLS that will help you overcome your anxiety altogether. The truth is you can easily recover from anxiety and panic without overly focusing ON the anxiety or going into lots of ‘details’ about symptoms. You will understand this when you start the program.
I am going to a therapist already. Will this interfere with that?
Not at all. In fact many therapists become very interested in CBT4PANIC once they see how effective it is. CBT4PANIC is a professional treatment plan so it won’t go against anything your therapist is teaching you.
Should I try medication first before I sign up for the course?
We usually suggest to people that they try CBT4PANIC for a few weeks before they take medication. That way they will know how effective the program is on it’s own and won’t be wondering if it is CBT or the medication that is helping.
I am on medication. Can this program still help me?
Absolutely. The medication can help to reduce your anxiety while you are studying the program. The more you understand about anxiety and panic attacks the easier it will be to eventually come off the medication.
I tried face to face CBT and it didn’t work for me – why would this be any different?
Sometimes face to face therapy can depend on whether the patient and therapist have a good ‘alliance’ with each other. For various reasons this doesn’t always happen. Also some therapists know the ‘theory’ very well but maybe don’t have any real experience of severe anxiety or panic attacks. The therapist who takes you through CBT4PANIC has suffered from panic disorder himself so he is able to understand the problem at a deeper level than most therapists. Online programes can also be more effective because you get to work at your own pace in your own time.
How quickly will CBT4PANIC cure me?
If you read through the many success stories from the members of the nomorepanic forum you will see that CBT4PANIC worked for them remarkably quickly. Obviously everyone takes things in in different ways but really you should see progress right from the start because the problem is to do with misinterpreting harmless yet frightening symptoms of fight or flight. so once you really understand this at a deep level and start understanding how to correct that mistake you HAVE to improve. Imagine that you had thought for years that 2 + 2 = 5 Once you are shown WHY the correct answer is ‘4’ you can’t really go back to thinking the answer is ‘5’ again It’s the same with Panic attacks. Once you really understand WHY you have been perpetuating the problem through your own mistaken thoughts and reactions then once you start correcting those mistakes you will see results very quickly
I am on a waiting list for CBT. Would this program make me confused? Would I be better just waiting for the appointment?
CBT4PANIC uses the latest CBT techniques that are used by therapists world wide. Your therapist is very likely to use the same treatment plan so you needn’t worry about any conflicting information. In fact many therapists are happy to use the program with their clients.
How does CBT4PANIC compare to Panic Away, The Linden Method, Panic Puzzle, Panic Miracle and so on
People imagine that any self help ‘advice’ can not do any harm. The truth is that untested anxiety ‘products’ are not without risk. The wrong advice can make you worse, set you back or put you off seeking the right help altogether. There are important reasons why the majority of the world’s health organisations recommend CBT as the MOST EFFECTIVE treatment for anxiety and mood disorders CBT has been thoroughly tried and tested with millions of people for decades. CBT is safe, effective and clinically PROVEN to work. Whilst CBT4PANIC is based entirely on the latest CBT techniques used around the world what makes it unique is that it was jointly created by a therapist who himself suffered from severe panic disorder and agoraphobia and completely recovered using these techniques. So with CBT4Panic you get the latest techniques with a deep understanding of how it feels to be a sufferer.