How does CBT4PANIC compare to Panic Away, The Linden Method, Panic Puzzle, Panic Miracle and so on

People imagine that any self help ‘advice’ can not do any harm. The truth is that untested anxiety ‘products’ are not without risk. The wrong advice can make you worse, set you back or put you off seeking the right help altogether.

There are important reasons why the majority of the world’s health organisations recommend CBT as the MOST EFFECTIVE treatment for anxiety and mood disorders

CBT has been thoroughly tried and tested with millions of people for decades. CBT is safe, effective and clinically PROVEN to work.

Whilst CBT4PANIC is based entirely on the latest CBT techniques used around the world what makes it unique is that it was jointly created by a therapist who himself suffered from severe panic disorder and agoraphobia and completely recovered using these techniques.

So with CBT4Panic you get the latest techniques with a deep understanding of how it feels to be a sufferer.