FALSE ALARM 9. “I’m going to collapse – I feel so weak!”

Correcting common Misinterpretations
FALSE ALARM 9. “I’m going to collapse – I feel so weak!”
SYMPTOM – Shaking, trembling, ‘jelly legs’, muscle tension, stiffness even severe pain
ACTUAL REALITY No one has ever REALLY ‘collapsed’ due to panic – they may dive for a chair or bed but never collapse!

When the fight or flight response is triggered it causes our muscles to become tense preparing us for action.

If we were actually in danger we would quickly USE this tension to fight or flee. However, in the absence of any apparent danger we become more and more afraid of the feeling until it feels like it will ‘weaken’ us to the point of collapse. We may even experience intense pain.

The fact is, no one ever really DOES ‘collapse’ with panic. Not one single person has ever fallen down in a heap as a direct result of a panic attack.

Consider the fact that you often feel like you can’t go FURTHER on a journey but when you decide to return to a ‘safe’ place you can generally get there with some considerable speed!


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