FALSE ALARM 8. “I’m going to be humiliated!”

Correcting common Misinterpretations

FALSE ALARM 8. “I’m going to be humiliated!”
SYMPTOM – Feeling others will be horrified at witnessing your anxiety
ACTUAL REALITY With panic you feel much worse in your own mind, other people may not even notice.

When people fear ‘humiliation’ they feel they will behave in such an extreme way that others around them will think so badly of them that they will never be able to live with the shame and embarrassment.

If YOU saw an anxious person – even if they were VERY anxious and had to ask for some help or leave in a hurry would YOU think THAT ‘badly’ of them.

Keep it in perspective – the worst that will happen is that people may feel concern for you or maybe see that you are very anxious – hardly a crime.

Even if you did throw your arms in the air and ran around shouting that the world is filled with monsters.. in a few weeks time you KNOW you’d be laughing about it – or at least worrying about something ELSE!

The reality is – people with panic are mostly very adept at hiding the fact that they feel the world is just about to cave in on them.

No one probably even notices – and if they do – SO WHAT!


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