FALSE ALARM 5. “I’m having a stroke!”

Correcting common Misinterpretations

FALSE ALARM 5. “I’m having a stroke!”
SYMPTOM – Rapid heart beats, fluttering, feeling of missed beats, numbness, twitching and tingling in limbs, etc
ACTUAL REALITY Panic attacks have NOTHING whatsoever do to with having a stroke.
  • With a panic attack we can experience rapid heart beat and strange sensations such as numbness, twitching and tingling in our arms and face – even right down one side of our body.
  • Understandably, we MISINTERPRET these sensations to be symptoms of having a ‘stroke’. The fact is – these symptoms are due to the fight or flight response increasing the heart rate and draining blood away from the skin towards the more vital muscle groups and organs.
  • If you keep a regular panic attack diary you will see that you may experience these sensations again and again yet NOTHING ever happens except feeling a lot of fear.
  • Panic attacks have NOTHING whatsoever do to with having a stroke. If you still aren’t convinced ask your doctor.


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