FALSE ALARM 4. “I’m going crazy – having a nervous breakdown!”

Correcting common Misinterpretations

FALSE ALARM 4. “I’m going crazy – having a nervous breakdown!”
SYMPTOM – Feelings of unreality / Racing mind / Sense of impending doom / Frightening thoughts
ACTUAL REALITY No one has EVER gone ‘crazy’ because of panic.

People who are ‘crazy’ don’t wonder if they are ‘going crazy’ or not. The fact that you are sanely questioning if are going crazy is proof that you aren’t!

You are EXPERIENCING very frightening sensations. Fight or Flight is causing your mind to be very agitated and on the lookout for danger. There seems to be no reason for this so you mistakenly but understandably wonder if you are maybe going ‘mad’ or ‘crazy’.

In the midst of this overwhelming and seemingly chaotic experience there is always a part of you that is able to watch it all happening. A part of you that wonders what on earth is going on – that doesn’t like what is happening – that just wants it to stop.

If you shift your focus from the EXPERIENCE to the EXPERIENCER (the part of you that is fearfully watching it all unfold) you will realise that YOU are OK underneath it all – it is the ‘experience’ that is frightening – that is all.



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