FALSE ALARM 2. “I’m going to pass out / faint!”

Correcting common Misinterpretations

FALSE ALARM 2. “I’m going to pass out / faint!”
SYMPTOM – Light headed / Dizzy / Floaty
ACTUAL REALITY You will NOT faint because of a panic attack.
  • During a panic attack you heart rate increases which leads to a temporary and harmless increase in blood pressure.
  • Fainting is actually caused by a DROP in blood pressure so when you are anxious you are less likely to faint than at any other time.
  • We IMAGINE we may faint during panic because we feel light headed and dizzy – this can happen because we breath more rapidly which slightly reduces the blood flow to the head.
  • Remember – your fight or flight responses have been activated so your body is set for ACTION – not ‘collapse’


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