Examples of common Safety Behaviours

Dropping ‘Safety Behaviours’

Examples of safety behaviour

  • Sitting or lying down / Leaning against a wall
  • Going out ‘for air’ / Getting a glass of water
  • Leaving a situation
  • Asking for someone’s help / Phoning someone
  • Sitting near an exit
  • Avoiding crowds
  • Carrying your mobile phone – or a ‘good luck charm’
  • Only visiting friends with whom you feel ‘safe’
  • Only going to places you feel ‘safe’
  • Never going out alone (bringing a ‘safety person’)
  • Opening a window (indoors or in car)
  • Making sure we eat a certain food or supplement
  • Making sure we get the ‘exact’ amount of sleep
  • Wearing loose clothing / avoiding warm rooms
  • Avoiding physical exertion (for fear of increased heart rate)
  • Distraction – turning up the TV, radio, humming loudly, engaging in some activity to try to block out the panic
  • Practising relaxation or deep breathing in a frantic attempt to ‘get rid of’ the panic

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