“These are just anxiety symptoms – Fight or Flight…”
“It’s scary but I am in no danger at all”
“It’s just ADRENALINE”
“My body is trying to HELP me – it’s just a mistake”
“Everything is ok.. (let go – smile) there’s no danger”
“Stop stirring – do nothing – let it settle”
“Let go towards it – it will pass”
“It takes TIME for it to settle down
“If I WAIT – IT WILL PASS – adrenaline cannot be produced forever”
“It’s just the Panic Cycle – nothing else – no big deal”
“Go ahead.. do your worst..”
“It’s my OWN fear that keeps this going – nothing else”
“It’s normal to feel afraid – these sensations are very uncomfortable”
“Here it comes again – that’s ok – it comes in waves”

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