Don’t blame your poor body – it’s trying to help!


Your body is your FRIEND – just trying to help

It is not an enemy trying to cause you harm

it has stood by you for years now looking out for you

feel some kindness towards it

it’s all just a big mistake

lots of mistaken cycles – a false alarm

you are frightened – your friendly body rushes to your rescue

but that causes you to be frightened and so on –

oh dear – poor body got it wrong trying to help

be kind to it – be gentle towards it

stop sending your body so much dislike

it’s just trying to help – just responding to a false alarm

nothing actually wrong

all is well

smile to your body – send it happy vibes – forgive it

be gentle towards it

tell it all is well – really – all is well

thank you body for trying to help – you can relax now – all is ok

no danger – we are ok – look around – it’s just a room

it takes time to settle – adrenaline slowing

let go – it will settle in it’s own time – give it time

stop holding onto the body like it’s about to fall apart

let it all hang out

just go bleaugh

all is well

even if you held your body REALLY tight and tried to stress yourself up

nothing would happen

there’s nothing wrong

just a mistake

a cycle

let go of your stomach – SMILE – a BIG one 🙂

shoulders drop – feet on floor

let go all over like a sponge

and then look – listen – focus out – ignore the rumblings

get on with your day

let the movie run

it’s just a movie – no real substance

no danger – just adrenaline

let go

look at these words as words – letters – language –

look at the space between the words

look at the screen – there is more to you than panic or jitters

there is room – sound – body – smell – touch – light – shapes – space –

silence – noise

rest in that – take a deep breath – smiles – all is well 🙂