Do less self focussing – ‘Normalise’ your routine

People who suffer from anxiety often understandably become very focussed on themselves. This is a natural reaction because when we think something is wrong it seems logical to focus on it in order to fix it.

This continual ‘worry’ feeds into the ‘Anticipatory Anxiety’ Cycle People imagine they have to ‘sort out’ the anxiety BEFORE they can get on with their life but when we try desperately to ‘sort out’ our anxiety we make ourselves MORE anxious.

A more helpful attitude is

“Right…this is just adrenaline.. I’m just going to have to let it run it’s course but since it IS just adrenaline I can get on with other things because I’m not in any REAL danger..”

Start to ‘normalise’ your routine. At first this will seem forced because you may not feel like doing ‘normal’ things. You will feel that it is much more important to worry and sort out this ‘anxiety problem’.

Just accept that for now and do more and more ordinary everyday things. After a while it won’t feel so forced and eventually you will even ENJOY what you are doing.

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