Different types of obsessional / frightening thinking

Catastrophising – You ‘think the worst’ about the symptoms of panic and how it is affecting your entire life.

Racing thoughts Thoughts can go through your head so quickly it can seem like hundreds of ‘voices’ chattering all at one time – this can happen at night time especially when there are less distractions

Abstract Thoughts – The feelings of ‘unreality’ that can occur with panic can make your thinking seem very abstract and ‘abnormal’. There can also be thoughts that seem so meaningless or senseless you become convinced that you really ARE going crazy.

Constant Worry – You can’t stop worrying or ‘problem solving’. Sometimes you can’t stop thinking about the obsessional thinking!

Repetitive or ‘stuck’ thoughts – you keep having the same thought/s over and over – sometimes for no obvious reason.

Disturbing thoughts / urges – Thoughts of an ‘extreme’ nature (for instance – that you might harm yourself or someone else or do something very irrational)

Images / sudden picture in your mind that causes anxiety – You may have a disturbing image flash into your mind that seems uncharacteristic of how you usually think.

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