DIALOGUE number 9 – Panic triggered by bad news – then fear of ‘going mad’

In this dialogue Julie’s panic had been triggered by some bad news. I take her through the practice and you can see that this episode has made her fear that she is ‘losing her mind’

R – so where are u regards practice

Jthe bad news triggered my panic to no end. trying to relax my stomach..and shoulders and neck.. can feel the tension.. still shivering a bit but trying to tell myself to relax.

R – have u got my booklet

u need to read it every day

Jplease don’t give up on me.. this is the only fear right now in my head.


R – i won’t give up – ok

but today – u need to do more your self

instead of hiding from everything

Ji am scared that if i told you that you will say.. ok .. now practice .. that if that happens what would you do.. and i feel more scared

i am too shaken up right now.. i will be able to talk more sensibly after i am out of this.. but i need to practice so please be patient.. i am sorry if i am talking complete nonsense… my brain is feeling very light.. and all the sounds around me are causing me headache..

R – so try your panic practice right now


R – YOU are stirring YOUR adrenaline


R – your body is not doing anything against u in any way at all

u are in no danger

no one with panic has EVER been in any danger because of the symptoms – ever

it’s a trick

it’s false information


right now – where u are – all is fine

but you have triggered adrenaline and you are going in circles with it

Jare you sure my mind is ok? that i have not gone mad?

even if all the sounds seem louder to me

R – try to remember i had panic disorder

J yes.

R – ok – fight or flight – does it make good evolutionary sense that if the body

senses danger it will HEIGHTEN the senses

so you can HEAR any danger


this minute i felt a bit better.

R – when the body senses danger it does its utmost to help you fight or flee

Jits funny what makes one feel better and calm

R – this includes – adrenaline – re-routing blood flow to vital organs

which causes tingling


R – strange feelings


R – the heart beats faster

the blood goes from arms and legs to vital organs so you legs can feel wobbly


R – blood pumps to the brain so we might feel giddy – light headed


R – which is all just FINE


R – u would not even think about it being a problem if u were being attacked by a Lion

in fact u would REALLY appreciate it

if it helped you escape

Jdry throat and deep vacuum in stomach.

R – but BECAUSE there is no Lion and u have same symptoms


R – u then need another reason


R – “maybe i am mad – ill – going to faint – collapse – etc”

Ji want to run away


R – “maybe i will explode

maybe i wont be able to cope”

etc etc

J yes.

R – all THESE thoughts create MORE fear


R – and your brilliant body – which is trying to help you – gives you MORE adrenaline

and so it spirals

and even with all this u are NEVER in ANY danger at all

Jcan i interrupt ?

R – even when it feels the worse


Jat this moment.. suddenly i feel so alright that i feel . i would like to go back home and face the fear and send Melanie to school tomorrow.. and everything. .. why cannot i stick to this? how can i stick to this?

R – just do it

but not with ‘fight’

do it gently with understanding



R – don’t pile pressure on yourself by saying you are totally fine

remember – no tricks


don’t pressure yourself

go for the middle path


R – ok – well done

Jthank you

R – more proof that this is the cycle of fear

adrenaline cycle


R – that your body is trying to HELP


God help it

such a friend it is

and you are terrified of it lol

Jare you sure about that? i feel there must be some trick that nothing would go wrong.. because it feels so horrible..


R – how many times have u felt better JUST after reading the booklet / practicing / talking to me about it

Jand i really worry about my brain.. because i can see that the people on the road are normally going about their business.. and i am feeling this strange nervousness..


R – that is called MISINTERPRETATION

you misinterpret the symptoms

because you can’t see any clear ‘reason’ for how you feel – so you try to come up

with other explanations which make you anxious

Jnow when i type i am sweating. . but i should say whatever i am thinking right?

how ever crazy it is? you wont judge me because of that. .. ok. thank you.

R – so – right now – breathe deeply and when u breath out – let that go


R – back to practice


R – do it now


R – let go all over

feet on floor

wiggle toes

Jno.. sitting down.


R – tell your kind body that all is ok

Jall is ok

R – r..e..l..a..x..


Jwhen you say that.. i start yawning.. its so crazy.. lol

R – come back into room

Jrelax.. smile



i am

R – feel at peace in life

Jagain yawn.

R – let go into it’s arms

and remember it’s like a big BLUFF

you create your OWN panic lol

you panic about your own panic lol

like a dog chasing it’s tail


Jyawn. again.. my god.. this is really crazy.. in the morning same happened.. i yawned constantly after talking to you.




R – good that is your body relaxing


R – getting more air


R – lol

Jfeel so much better.

R – so – your ONLY task is to STOP STIRRING


wow. life is ok .

R – forget about relaxing or thinking or worrying


R –  just stop stirring

Jjust yawn

R – take out the stick


R – lol

now – finally

very important


R – you don’t have to stay this way

J i am feeling SO relaxed


R – because panic is no threat EVER

so even if u panic in the future



it’s STILL just adrenaline

it’s STILL exactly this now

just a matter of practice and it will come down

no need to fear it in the slightest

so if u DON’T panic – ok

if you DO panic – ok

no problemo


no problemo … i could actually smile.

R – so you can TOTALLY relax and not even have to hang on to feeling peaceful


R – u can even relax into ALLOWING panic to exist

because it’s JUST adrenaline


R – so what


so what

R – no one in history has EVER been caused any REAL damage by a panic attack

except being scared



R – lol

ok – see if u can go home

Jok . yes.

i will . i want to get over this stupidity

R – if u can’t that’s ok too – keep practicing

Jthanks for saying this.

thank you so much – now i will go

R – u have been stirred up so it may not calm down for quite a while physically

so allow some sensations to come up now and then

that’s perfectly normal


R – will chat later

Jyes – bye

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