DIALOGUE number 8 – Late night anxiety and sense of isolation and vulnerability

In this dialogue Julie was experiencing ‘anticipatory anxiety’. It was also quite late at night which was exaggerating her sense of isolation and vulnerability.

Ji am feeling on the edge.. as if i will feel panic anytime.

R – and so what – if u DID panic

“It’s just adrenaline”

Jexactly. .. yes.. lol

R – it is perfectly ok to panic

it feels HORRIBLE

but cant harm u

in fact it would be good practice

so go for it


Jbut i hate to think about it at 1 .. at night.. so waiting for morning. . … yes.

R – lol

i know the feeling trust me


R – but let go


R – and shrug your shoulders

and say – if i panic i panic

so what

just adrenaline

no big deal

Jusually …. first of all i would never take medicine.. and if i did i would call Susan or someone .. to stay .. or would go to Mothers.. now .. i decided not to do that.



R – u are doing great

Jand now cursing myself.. why did i not stay at Mother’s . .. lol

R – this will pass

J yes

R – don’t look back – stick with it

Jwas wondering if i should tell you this or not.

R – all is ok


R – don’t hold back when it comes to this

i will just try to keep you on course

Jok.. in the morning.. i felt same uneasy.. but later as i participated in the days activities.. it disappeared… till again tonight.

R – yes – it’s just your mind stirring it up


R – it takes work to go over the truth

its OK to panic


R – stop trying to NOT panic


J lol

R – that will stir u up


i think these dialogues should be added in the book. i am feeling so guilty to panic after going bravely to dentist.

R – in fact it would be good for you if you DID panic


R – lol

this is very subtle

you will KNOW u are ‘cured’ when u know u will be ok if u panic

its a matter of degree

no one likes it

but how MUCH do u totally not want it

Jand i am feeling that i should have left some room for me to panic .. to be on the safer side.. if i am so brave suddenly.. then how will i be able to panic. when i will need to.. as if its an addiction.

R – lol

yes – that rings a bell from my past


R – just go over and over the practice

its adrenaline

its just anxiety – stop stirring


R – “i am in no danger whatsoever even if i have a whopper”

Jand i am unnecessarily seeing that stupid feeling caused by the meds in the stomach as panic. ..


R – yes


Jafter saying all this .. i am feeling a bit better.

R – panic is not dangerous

J yes

R – its OK to panic

Jno. panic is not dangerous. ..

its ok to panic

R – yes



just feels scary

but for no reason

just sensations


R – let go towards it

be prepared to LET panic happen

Jso then i started thinking about Melanie’s school.. that can take all my mind. so i feel safe to think about that subject. .. yes

R – lol yes

mental avoidance


R – that’s ok too

its ALL ok

even if u avoid


Jwow.. lol

R – let it ALL happen

Jthank you so much

R – because if u panic u will be ok

Jlol.. i was feeling so guilty for not being able to face it too.


R – hey – this is all good stuff


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