DIALOGUE number 7 – Surprised by sudden ‘setback’

In this dialogue Julie had been feeling ok for some time and then suddenly had a panic attack out of the blue. Even though we had talked about ‘setbacks’ she was still very surprised and was trying to find a reason why it happened.

R – hi


R – so u got triggered huh

Ji was so surprised at today’s panic. it came so suddenly .. i am trying to think..

what happened.

R – don’t try to figure out ‘why’

Jdon’t know why


R – Analysing yourself is a waste of time – and causes more anxiety

Then your body tries to help – more adrenaline – etc


that’s WHY people panic

Jand because i don’t know why it happened… i am finding it hard to convince myself that its just adrenaline

R – because it happens WITHOUT reason


panic can even be triggered in one’s sleep

we can wake up with strange sensations which triggers us into panic

Jreally? because i used to wake up in panic ..

R – yes

so what ‘reason’ can there be when we are unconscious

Ji am feeling so shaken up today .. yes

R – u had BIG BIG stress day yesterday

u were down then up etc


R – probably u were on edge

then slightest thing can then trigger the fight or flight

and THEN u panic

its JUST sensations

you are in no danger whatsoever


R – MILLIONS worldwide right now have these same feelings

same fears

they ALL think ‘the worst’

Jmy hands and legs shaking.. i was sweating.. could not utter a word.

R – u were thinking it couldn’t be just Adrenaline

yes because you added a LOT more fear

Jand right now my mouth is dry and feel this strange feeling in stomach

R – dry mouth is fight or flight

so is the feeling in your stomach

adrenaline surge

causes both symptoms

Jand headache

R – that too

it is ALL same thing

nothing wrong

how many times over how many YEARS u had this

nothing ever came of it


R – nothing ever will

except feeling frightened

its just like ‘movement’ in your body

nothing ‘bad’ ‘happening’

adrenaline is surging



R – the body is causing physical reactions for YOUR benefit


R – to fight or run

but the poor body is mistaken


R – so all these processes are taking place – to help u

but as they take place they feel ‘weird’ – ‘out of place’


R – and they frighten us


R – we think we are seriously ill

it’s a mistake

its just physical feelings and sensations

JMother was saying come and stay with me. she said don’t stay alone.. i worry about you and Melanie .

she said this before i went into panic

R – maybe that was trigger

u picked up her fear

but REMEMBER – u didn’t go into ‘panic’ about anything other than a very rapid rush of horrible physical sensations


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