DIALOGUE number 4 – Panic after Exposure Practice

In this dialogue Julie had decided to do an exposure exercise that was high on her fear hierarchy – it was too much too soon and she had a panic attack and is still in an anxious state with her mind catastrophising about the experience.

Ji went to bus stand. i went to ticket window. could not stand in the line..

thought i would sit .. but could not.. then i went to railway station.. its just next gate to bus. i took tea at stall and sat on bench. and the whole end passage of anna karenina kept coming to my mind. .. i felt so much panic.. i tried to think of script .. of the end scene.. but just could not…. just felt i want to end this .. i felt i should die.. and then panicked so much.. immediately called mother.. told her to be at phone.. thought i would die before getting into taxi.

R – ok..

u just tried too much too soon

It’s ok – u need to follow me RIGHT NOW

JI hate this .. i can’t even go on a simple journey. i hate this so much.

R – ok – right now it will help if you catch your mind catastrophising

it is stirring adrenaline

lets get u settled first

then u can talk

this is all PERFECTLY ok

u just did too much at wrong time

and u have just had strong panic

and u feel like its all worse


Julie: i don’t want to be alive being a vegetable.

R – its OK – STOP – catch it

are u going to listen

or write a script

Jyes – ok

R – ok – CATCH yourself ADDING to your fear with your thoughts

u are doing EXACTLY that


R – NOTHING is happening except that

it STILL is just adrenaline


R – u have had this many times in past and nothing came of it except fear

u just FEEL scared

nothing else


R – there is no ‘actual’ danger

but it sure FEELS horrible

u just have to go over it gently again

Jyes. i hate it. wouldn’t mind if i was blind or crippled. this is too bad.

R – Catch the mind catastrophising

get back with me


R – relax stomach

breath from stomach

I want u to feel your stomach rise and fall


breathe out longer than in

as u breathe out let go TOWARDS it all


R – let shoulders fall

feel your feet on the ground

go limp

imagine u are pinnochio with strings cut

half smile:-)


R –  BREATHE easy

Julie: yes

R – stop stirring the pond

all is ok


R – doesn’t matter that this has happened – its very normal – its ok

its just adrenaline causing some very weird feelings in your body

just lots of movement all stirred up

but that’s all

so again

relax stomach


R – feel it rise and fall

observe it

breath out gently and long

half smile

shoulders drop

feel ground

feel yourself in room

all is ok

its ok to feel panic

Ji felt so relaxed when i crossed the bridge and came near home.

R – yes – that’s because u stopped stirring with mind

same as now

just practice

it will all settle

even if u didn’t practice it will settle

cant last forever

adrenaline has a limit each time

so relax stomach

breathe gently

watch stomach rise and fall

Jfeel such a fake writing this script without knowing fearlessness or freedom. i am not going to write anything anymore.

R – STOP 🙂



back to me


R – let go towards it all

YOU are stirring the adrenaline

nothing else

just yourself


R – just remove the stick

stop stirring

its good for u to see the stirring in action

Ji am so sorry. have given you nothing but trouble last two months. .. ok

R – that is stirring again

J sorry

R – take the stick out COMPLETELY


R – choose right now to stop stirring


R – don’t add more fuel

i want you to be very loving to your mind and body right now

tell it everything is ok

that there is no danger

half smile

let body know it can go off high alert

poor thing is trying to help

Jmy grandmother who is past 90 could walk three flights of stairs yesterday.. i just cant stop hating myself right now. ..

R – STOP 🙂

you need to participate in this too

Jso sorry . yes

R – ok – hold it



R – YOU have to practice right now

J yes


R – override your mind


R – YOU take over


R – let go all over






R – FLOAT with it all


R – and realise it will take a bit of time


R – just keep letting it happen

don’t try not to panic

u are in no danger whatsoever


R – u just think u are

it is JUST sensations

absolutely nothing else at all

so relax in that knowledge


R – it will only ever be sensations


R – lots of people are going through this right now

its a very common problem

i went through it

i had all those thoughts

and fears and regrets and self doubts etc

VERY normal

and ok


R – let yourself have them

its ok

ok smile

let go

relax stomach

allow the feelings to exist

Jcould breath

R – lol


R – keep letting go TOWARDS it all

even just a bit

u are in NO danger


R – just sensations

nothing more


R – breath easy

feel stomach rise and fall

drop shoulders

J yes

R – feel yourself IN the room

feel the steadiness of the room

GROUND yourself IN that

JI feel sleepy now

R – listen


be AWARE of the room

Jsuddenly feeling very cold.

R – feel the TEMPERATURE


R – good – smile

drop shoulders

it will all settle

Julie: feel ok now.

R – just adrenaline

Ji am feeling ok now

R – 🙂

ok – keep practicing

Jwill go sleep . yes.

R – keep letting go

VERY important that you don’t stir it up again


R – when u start to think tell your mind u will get back to it LATER

once the pond has settled


R – there is no big rush to think

u have lots of time

Jactually cant stop thinking. as if its a radio that i cannot shut off. right now its on on one level

R – its ok that is fight or flight as well

Jbut i can also practice

R – mind on high alert

ready for any danger

its quite brilliant

but in middle of a room we can’t see why we would feel anxious

so we panic thinking something more serious must be happening


R – but it’s perfectly normal and ok

it just feels horrible


R – but can NEVER EVER EVER do u any actual harm

in fact it is OPPOSITE


R – this is all trying to help u

be kind to body

it is trying to be so nice


Ji am ok now

R – i know 🙂


R – u just had perfectly normal panic

always feels SO worse than ever lol

but it never is


R – u just did a flooding exercise – it was too much too soon lol

no harm done

don’t worry in slightest that u did this and had panic

you just weren’t ready for it that’s all

we can amend it and get back on track no problem at all


R –  so u feel sleepy

Jvery tired

R – great

ok before u go – one more time

let go all over



R – relax stomach

observe it rise and fall several times

keep your attention on it


R – it is very helpful focus

just observe it rise and fall


R – now allow all to be as it is

feel your feet on the ground

be aware of the room




feel the temperature

let your shoulders drop


remember its just adrenaline


R – u stirred it up

no big deal

u did it yourself by mistake

that’s all

nothing was ever wrong

u just thought that

just FELT bad that’s all

let your body know that everything is ok

no danger

false alarm

no need for any assistance


go limp

strings cut

go floppy


breathe easy


yes – yawn 🙂

R –  remember – catch yourself writing a big script about it

it’s a waste of time

J yes

R – catch it and say ‘stop’

J yes

R – tell it u will think LATER



Jyes 🙂

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