DIALOGUE number 3 – Explaining the ‘Self Talk’ process

In this dialogue I basically take Julie through the ‘self talk’ so that she can see how it can be implemented during panic

J –  i never could have thought i would go in panic right now

R –  ok – don’t worry – this is exposure practice anyway

J –  yes

R –  I WANT you to panic – lol

J –   lol

R –  seriously

u haven’t lost the fear yet

J –  no

R –  but the more you panic and get through it

with practice

u will get SO used to it

J –  yes

R –  i know its horrible

but soon enough you WILL be through this one

and u will be more confident

this is how it goes

as long as there is a bit of fear left u can panic

but its still ok

J –  yes

R –  its just panic – just adrenaline

no danger whatsoever

J –  yes

R –  so – back to beginning

J –  ok

R –  let go all over


drop shoulders


its ok

its just movement in your body


feels terrible but isn’t real danger

tell your body its ok

smile with your body – feel your feet on the ground

become aware of the room

listen to sounds

no need to keep checking in on the panic

let it do as it will

its just adrenaline

you have just been on edge last few days due to anticipatory anxiety

this keeps adrenaline alive

and it can get triggered very easily

and then u feel weird

that’s all

just weird feelings

YOU are ok

remember – no matter how bad it can feel

its just adrenaline

and it comes in waves

one minute you feel ok

next u feel weird again

that’s adrenaline surges

ride it out

surf the surges

u will be great

i KNOW now u are on other side of it all now

this is additional necessary practice

so that you lose your fear completely

let it do its worst

remember to smile

J –  I can feel the fear lifting – still feel anxiety but not in panic

R –  that’s a good point to remember – that you can feel anxiety but you don’t have

to feel panic – once you remind yourself of the truth about the symptoms you won’t

see any reason to ‘panic’

J –  yes – I think I can just let these feelings be as they are – can breath a bit now

R –  and remember that even if you were still IN panic you would still actually be

in no danger. Of course it’s a relief to feel less panic but you don’t NEED to rely on

feeling ‘calm’ – you are ok no matter what

J –  yes – that gives me more of a feeling of strength

thank you 🙂

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